New in the 24th Code Edition

  • Section 4 includes changes to regulations covering permanently installed luminaires in order to accommodate the increasing prevalence of home automation devices.
  • Section 8 adds new legislative text covering energy management systems, as related to electric vehicles.
  • Section 10 has been substantially updated. Code Rules in Section 10 have been reorganized and reordered, with redrafting of most regulations. While specific applications of Section 10 have not markedly changed, the cited Rule numbers have been amended and certain of the particulars of interpretation may be affected by changes to the phrasing of Section 10 regulations.
  • Section 16 now specifies power requirements for Ethernet systems.
  • Section 26 features changes to tamper-resistant receptacles in children’s areas, and reorganization of Rules 26-400 – 26-726.
  • Section 62 includes new requirements for GFCIs for heating devices and controls near tubs, sinks and shower stalls.
  • Section 78 changes regulations covering marinas, wharves and similar facilities.
  • Section 82 has been deleted entirely.

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