House Wiring Guide

This book covers electrical wiring in single family houses. It simplifies the stated requirements for inspection in each province so that homeowners can safely, easily and confidently make their own electrical installations.


Commercial & Industrial Wiring

The industry’s most informative publication on the Canadian Electrical Code. Covering more than 1,000 Code rules and heavily indexed for quick reference, this is the authoritative source for clear instruction on commercial and industrial wiring.


Canadian Electrical Code
Part One

Canadian Electrical Code – Part One

The Supreme Court of Canada has Ruled that domestic law, including electrical law, is privately owned. We are working to legislatively correct the situation. Until then, the unabridged text of electrical law is restricted.


Electrical Code Simplified has been the standard in Canadian wiring instruction for over 50 years, with more than a million copies in print.

Digital editions of our books are also available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.

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Local Focus

Electrical Code Simplified is not a general wiring guide. These books show you what specific standards are required by your inspector, in your province.


Complete instructions for whole house wiring in simple, easy to understand language. The books feature a large number of illustrations.

Conflicts Identified

Official rules sometimes overlap and regulations can be vague. These books draw together overlapping rules to make practical application easy. Electrical Code Simplified is never vague.